Mr. Duncan's YouTube Channel

As I mentioned before, YouTube is rather helpful resource for learning English. But not only 'cause of dozens of different videos on each and every topic, you can find some studying courses on YouTube too.

The most popular (and funny and joy - as for me) is mr. Duncan's YouTube channel -

Mr. Duncan's YouTube Channel
Now there are available 65 lessons (and more lessons to come):

Lesson 1 - (Introduction)
Lesson 2 - (Hello/Goodbye)
Lesson 3 - (Please & Thank You)
Lesson 4 - (Response to Please/Thank You)
Lesson 5 - (Good/Bad)
Lesson 6 - ( Happy / Sad )
Lesson 7 - (Health and Exercise)
Lesson 8 - (Stress & Worry)
Lesson 9 - (FAME)
Lesson 10 - (Saying Sorry)
Lesson 11 - (Irony and Coincidence)
Lesson 12 - (All About You)
Lesson 13 - (Grammar)
Lesson 14 - (Body Language)
Lesson 15 - (Slang)
Lesson 16 - (Technology)
Lesson 17 - (Time)
Lesson 18 - (Small Talk)
Lesson 19 - (Rules!!)
Lesson 20 - (More Slang)
Lesson 21 - (Compliments)
Lesson 22 - (The Way You Feel)
Lesson 23 - (Faults/Bad Habits)
Lesson 24 - (Changing English)
Lesson 25 - (Speech Making)
Lesson 26 - (On and Off)
Lesson 27 - (Noun/Verbs)
Lesson 28 - (Intonation)
Lesson 29 - (Jokes andHumour)
Lesson 30 - (Abbreviation)
Lesson 31 - (Lies)
Lesson 32 - (Fear)
Lesson 33 - (Questions and Answers)
Lesson 34 - (Political Correctness)
Lesson 35 - (Making Mistakes)
Lesson 36 - (Phonetics)
Lesson 37 - (Fashion)
Lesson 38 - (News)
Lesson 39 - (Money)
Lesson 40 - (Complaint and Complain)
Lesson 41 - (Influence)
Lesson 42 - (Action!)
Lesson 43 - (Superstition)
Lesson 44 - (Word Association)
Lesson 45 - (Describing Things)
Lesson 46 - (The Human Body)
Lesson 47 - (Punctuation)
Lesson 48 - (Death)
Lesson 49 - (Food)
Learning English - (Summer Sickness)
Lesson 50 - (Samuel Johnson)
Lesson 51 - (Giving Your Opinion)
Lesson 52 - (British & American English)
Lesson 53 - (The Office)
Lesson 54 - (Winter Snow)
Lesson 55 - (L O V E)
Lesson 56 - (SPRINGTIME!)
Lesson 57 - (By The Sea)
Lesson 58 - (Going on Holiday)
Lesson 59 - (Autumn)
Lesson 60 - (Like & Dislike)
Lesson 61 - ('FOREIGN-GLISH')
Lesson 62 - (Lake Vyrnwy)
Lesson 63 - (Ironbridge)
Lesson 64 - (Prepositions)
Lesson 65 - (The Peak District)

So watch them all!

This lessons are pretty easy and it's more about spoken English rather than grammar and so on. Also, check out mr. Duncan's other English lessons and "Ask mr. Duncan" channel, they are quite good too.


Swailem's picture

You're right Youtube is good for learning English fir kids.Thanks a lot from deep heart. You're really great person wish you luck.Please,I look forward more post .

Michael Casey's picture

I tell my students to watch Mr Duncan because they can learn at their own pace. Mr Duncan is now in Shanghai I believe so perhaps he'll meet my mother-in-law
I have 5 books on Amazon Kindle which are easy to read for any English student.
The Butcher The Baker and The Undertaker is my 1st book and 300 and Not OUT is my 5th book
My 6th book will be Tears for a Butcher, I have put a sample chapter of that on Funny or Die and it has got 11,300 views just by word of mouth

Antonio Muñoz's picture

the best place in internet, thanks mr duncan....ta ta

liliana martinez's picture

lo mejor para aprender ingles esta aqui

liliana martinez's picture

lo mejor para aprender ingles esta aqui

izzaddeen ahmed abd al-raheem's picture

YOUTUBE is a very interesting site . Thanks to Mr. Duncan for the easy and interesting way he handles lessons ; gradual proceedure ,clear and practical examples and his attractive dramatic display .It will be very useful to the students of English if he could provide a few lessons on phonetics .

Masykur Rauf's picture

Peace be upon you Professor,.

I am dare to send you messages via e-mail based on Lizabeth England's Recommendation.

I am from Indonesia. I actually looking for native speaker. because i do observation now.
i am going to research about polite expressions used by teachers in teaching English in the classroom.
May I ask you to be one of my sample?..
because i am going to interview some native speakers via email due to my condition which could not provide me to go to abroad., I expect you do not mind if you be one of my sample of my thesis.
thank you so much for your kindness, Professor.
Peace be Upon you, Professor.

This is my biography:
My Full name is Masykur Rauf
I study at State University of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
I am a student of state university of makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
This is the sample that I make, Professor.
I do expect you to correct this letter. and if you have another colleagues (as an ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR) who TEACH English in the classroom. I do need them to fill my interview guide and they are available and be ready to be one of my sample of my research.
I do respect if you do not mind about it, Professor,
please forgive me if i am impolite sending information and asking you via online. Thank you very much Professor.,

Maximus's picture

Hi Mr Duncan,

I want to write good english blogs and essays and there is really one problem that frustrate me whenever i starting to write. First and foremost is the flow of the words which really makes the whole content sound so uninteresting. Secondly repetitive words and that's of course very boring. Could you advise me how can i improve my writing especially the flow of words to make it interesting although if i write something that i know little about.

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Channels are making their range more faster due to this advertisement is also important.

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